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Salamanca Province is one of the popular holiday locations in Spain with its strategic southwestern location of Castile and León. Salamanca is surrounded with pasture lands on a beautiful north side Spanish plateau.With more than 180 000 inhabitants, Salamanca has plenty of fiestas and traditions to offer visitors. Its villages hold steadfast to the many fiestas and folklore that are reverently celebrated here.


The quaint villages of Salamanca are always set to celebrate the manifold traditions and fiestas that have been passed down from generation to generation. One of the more popular fiestas that are celebrated in Salamanca is the Ciudad Rodrigo Carnival. It is a bull-run festival that is similar to the Pamplona Sanfermines festival where thousands of participants throng the streets of the village to run ahead of the hundreds of bulls let loose. The bulls are directed to run to the town’s bullring where experienced toreros or bull fighters would challenge the bulls in the ring. This can be quite a dangerous feat for the amateur toreros or run participants where there have been some serious casualties in the past.

Visitors are welcomed to join the locals in this event as a run participant or be an observer at a safe distance. Hemingway, the famous writer, was astounded with this festival to mention it explicitly in his writings.The natural landscapes of Salamanca are beautiful and beckoning. Hence, in February, the exciting Fiesta del Almendro takes place in the town of Fregeneda. This is a festival held to celebrate the almond trees blossoming their beautiful flowers and fruit. This is an indication of good fortune on the region. During the festival, many locals do not hesitate to cross between Portugal and Spain by boat to join in the celebrations; most Spanish love a great festival any time.

Religious Celebrations

Easter is widely celebrated in Spain villa spanje ; Salamanca is no exception. The Semana Santa fiesta is held over Good Friday through Easter Sunday from sobriety to festivity. In Salamanca, the Lunes de Aguas is festively celebrated on Easter Monday with people crossing rivers in flowery decorated boats.

Another religious fiesta is the Corpus Christi fiesta in June where traditional processions throng the streets with participants donning picturesque masks. A “l'ou com balla” festival celebration comes on around the cathedral. August is another holy month where the Ofertorio fiesta takes place at La Alberca in honor of the Virgin.Most of the fiestas in Salamanca stems from traditions and folklores which have been passed from various epochs’ influences.

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Spain is well known for many things; history, ancient monuments, beaches and certainly its fiestas and folklore. With the numerous provinces, there is a myriad of fiestas and folklore from each location.

Fiestas across Spain

There are many fiestas that are celebrated in Spain from January to December. New Yearin Spain can commence in Barcelona with a Carnival party and masked partygoers who attempt to eat twelve grapes at the last twelve seconds of the ending year for good luck.January 5th sees the Three Magi procession fiesta in Barcelona where 3 representatives act like Santa Claus bringing presents to children.

Sanfermines fiesta

One of the most popular Spanish folkloristic traditions is the bullfights. The Sanfermines Fiesta in Pamplona is an exciting event that is watched by the whole world. Bullfights and bull runs are very popular as a fiesta in Spain.

Flamenco fiesta

Flamenco is another popular Spanish tradition that is widely accepted and appreciated although its exact origins are unclear. This musical tradition is vibrant in the south especially in Andalusia. There are songs, dancing, music and guitar playing.

Seville fiesta

April is an active month of fiestas in Seville; there is a full week of celebration with singing and dancing as the locals celebrate the Semana Santa fiesta with beautifully decorated processions. The solemn processions at the start of the festival would turn festive at the end with singing, dancing and wine tasting. Tapas are plentiful to go with the sherry.

El Rocio fiesta

One of the famous religious festivals celebrated here is El Rocio pilgrimage festival. This is a traditional pilgrimage that happens in May to reach El Rocio village in Huelva. But this is not a solemn pilgrimage; Flamenco and wine are part and parcel of this fiesta. Pilgrims come in the thousands to follow the rituals of this pilgrimage tour every year.

San Jose fiesta

Valencia enjoys an outstanding villa spanje, Las Fallas in San Jose during March. The city becomes vibrant and alive with a lot of partying where food and wine are in abundance. There are also a lot of fireworks at night to color the night sky.

Tomato fight fiesta

Next the little town of Buñol in Valencia hosts the annual La Tomatina fiesta which is the largest tomato fight in the world. This is a Spanish tradition for more than 5 decades where participants throw ripe tomatoes at one another. Thousands of people worldwide witness this event every year.

Spain offers numerous opportunities and vakantiehuizen spanje you select for all popular regional vacation : Costa Blanca , Costa Maresme , the most beautiful destinations in Spain . Also read my articles at : Kris Wilson's article and do check out my bookmarks at Kris Wilson's bookmarks.

Barcelona offers so much to the tourists the whole year long that it is quite impossible to leave this vibrant and happening city willingly. This popular tourist spot is Spain’s second largest city that is strategically located on the north east coast of the Iberian Peninsula at the Mediterranean shores.It is the capital of Catalonia that offers the best of fun in the sun for any tourist or local anytime of the year.

Fiesta offering

However, Barcelona offers more than what nature offers. The million over inhabitants are well rooted in many traditions and folklore with a myriad of fiestas celebrated throughout the year.The diverse cultures and traditions from the past epochs give Barcelona a colorful ambience in its celebrations of fiestas and festivals.Every New Yearin Barcelona commences with a great bang where an elaborate Carnival party takes on the city streets with thousands of masked revelers enjoying themselves.

The traditional challenge in this celebration is for one to attempt eating 12 grapes in the remaining 12 seconds of the old year; a successful attempt is purportedly a sign of good luck for the New Year. The three Magi fiesta comes on January 5th with an elaborate procession where 3 “Magi” go around giving gifts to children. March 3rd celebrated the popularSan Medir fiesta with huge and impressive processions and choirs. The streets are filled with the large number of procession participants and followers enjoying the choir singing along the streets.

Sant Jordi who is a revered Catalonia’s patron brings on a spectacular fiesta on April 23rd while May enjoys the poetic Jocs Florals fiesta. This festival showcases many interesting artistic plays using flowers. The month also offers Sant Poncfiesta atCalle del Hospital.

Mid-year fiestas

The month of June welcomes Corpus Christifiesta with traditional processions that have participants donning very picturesque masks. There is also the “l'ou com balla” fiesta which means “dancing egg” festival that takes place around the cathedral. June 23rd and 24th nights take on Saint Joan festival which is celebrated with fire and fireworks. Parties are happening on every street, vakantiewoning spanje , town and whole of Catalonia as this is considered a major festival in the region. The month ends with Grecfestival where open-air concerts as well as traditional dance performances are displayed. Many of these performances take place in the Greek Theater at Montjuic.

Last Quarter fiestas

The picturesque Gracia festival comes on in mid-August with beautifully decorated streets while the Fiesta de la Mercècomes on September 24th. There are many colorful street processions and “sardanas” performances which are Catalonia’s national dances and sports.The year ends with Christmas celebrations onDecember 13th with many romantic expositions of the famous Christmas story with cribs displays.

Spain offers numerous opportunities and vakantiehuis spanje you select for all popular regional vacation : Costa Blanca , Costa Maresme , the most beautiful destinations in Spain . Also read my articles at : Kris Wilson's article and do check out my bookmarks at Kris Wilson's bookmarks.

Pamplona is one exciting holiday choice for any tourist traveling in Spain. Besides the numerous sights of attractions, there are plentiful fiestas and festivals to enjoy throughout the year as there are diverse fiestas and folklore in Pamplona.

Bullfighting Fiesta

One of the more famous and spectacular fiestas celebrated in Pamplona is the San FerminFiesta. This is a worldwide attention grabbing fiesta as the whole world tunes in on the television to view the herd of frenzy bulls rampaging through the town streets with hundreds of participants in traditional attire running ahead of the bulls trying to avoid bloodshed.These bull-run participants don white shirts and red belts to dash ahead of the bulls behind which leave some injured or exhilarated.

Pamplona thrills the worldwide audience with this spectacle every year as it is a steadfast tradition celebrated.The bull running ends at the town bullring where bullfights come on in the evening by experienced and skilled toreros.

This Sanfermines festival commences on July 7th with a whole week of celebration. Pamplona revels in dancing, singing and drinking in an enormous party which welcomes every foreigner and local, young and old. This is the most exciting fiesta week in Pamplona and spanje vakantiehuizen .

Other fiestas

There are many other fiestas in Pamplona which are celebrated with the same amount of vigor and regal. May 25th showcases a Baile de la Era fiesta where traditional regional dances are performed in Estella. June 24th poses to be a most revered month of fiesta with the San Juan pilgrimage fiesta happening in Yanci. The participating pilgrims wash themselves in the spring waters at a cave. This act purportedly cures those with ailments.

July fiestas begin on its thirteenth day where the las tres Vacas fiesta is celebrated in the Roncal valley. An ancient agreement since 1375 obligates the French Baretous valley inhabitants to settle a yearly tribute of 3 cows to Piedra San Martín inhabitants. This unique ceremony is undertaken by the respective town mayors who are donned in full medieval gowns to commemorate the old contract.The surrounding villages in Pamplona hold fast to their traditions and cultures through the Tudelafiesta which is celebrated between July 24th and July 28th. The first Saturday in the month of August brings on the festival of Estellawith the Tafallafiesta starting from August 15th and lasts 5 days. The Sanguesafiesta comes on between 11th and 17th of September.

Spain offers numerous opportunities and villas lloret de mar you select for all popular regional vacation : Costa Blanca , Costa Maresme , the most beautiful destinations in Spain . Also read my articles at : Kris Wilson's article and do check out my bookmarks at Kris Wilson's bookmarks.

Catalonia is a vast region which can be divided into north and south. If a tourist wishes to get a good feel of Catalonia but has only a couple of days to spare, this would be a good option to consider. The northern Catalonia tour is designed to take up only 2 days as it covers Vic, Girona, Figueres and Montserra from Barcelona. This is a great tour option for busy executives who come to Barcelona on work commitments but can prolong their stay for a couple of days afterwards.

Destination coverage

This two-day northern Catalonia tour covers Vic, Girona, Figueres and Montserrat. There are many interesting discoveries at the Figueres Salvador Dali Museum as well as the magical Girona with its medieval buildings and lifestyle. Montserrat offers tourists an amazing view of the world-famous monastery.

Tourists would love Vic which is an old market town. There are many quaint sights with an ancient cathedral that has a mixture of styles. There are buildings built in Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque and neoclassical styles that are most impressive. Art lovers would enjoy Figueres which is the hometown of famous artists Salvador Dali at a special museum with a theatre. Surrealistic artwork can be viewed at leisure.

The second day of the tour offers Girona which is a beautiful walled city where a refreshing walk through the town’s Jewish quarter is available. The cobbled streets and homes are well preserved which would amaze any tourist. The labyrinth of cobbled narrow streets makes the walk an adventure through the previous Moorish occupation. There are interesting Arabian baths and Roman public baths to be viewed and enjoyed.

Well positioned, Montserrat looms majestically for the most panoramic view of the surroundings. Its impressive peak at 1,235 meters offers an astounding backdrop to the Royal Basilica monastery with Catalonia’s patron saint’s statue, the Virgin of Montserrat.

Package deal

This 2-day north Catalonia and vakantiewoning spanje tour is a comprehensive tour with all fees included. One travels by a comfortable coach with an experienced and friendly tour guide. All entrance fees to the local sights of every town or city in the itinerary are included in this package; similarly with the taxes, service fees and fuel surcharges.

The hotels provided in this tour package deal are comfortable and can be upgraded upon request. All meals are included to ensure that guests do not need to worry about their food. Confirmation of booking is immediate depending on the availability of places; if the tour is booked earlier, confirmation would be given within 48 hours.

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Spain offers numerous opportunities and vakantiehuis spanje you select for all popular regional vacation : Costa Blanca , Costa Maresme , the most beautiful destinations in Spain . Also read my articles at : Kris Wilson's article and do check out my bookmarks at Kris Wilson's bookmarks.

This is a most popular tour option for many tourists coming to Spain especially on a short trip. This discovery tour from Costa del Sol to Madrid offers great adventure within 2 days. One gets to pass through Granada and Toledo from Costa del Sol to Madrid while enjoying many ancient monuments such as the Moorish Alhambra and the Generalife Gardens.


The journey for this 2-day discovery tour starts from Costa del Sol to the first pit stop at the foothills of the majestic Sierra Nevada which is Granada located right between Genil and Darro rivers.Granada was the last of the re-conquered cities in 1492 with a distinct Arab influence that impressed UNESCO to declare the Alhambra and the Generalife Gardens as World Heritage sites.

Toledo also holds many historical monuments such as fortified medieval buildings and walls that overlook the Tagus River. There are plenty of historical monuments to make it world famous for historical monuments. It is supposedly the hometown of the famous Spanish artist called El Greco; many of his works are on displayed here.

Special offerings

This tour option is very popular as it is not long which makes it delightful for those who do not have much time in Spain. These could be working executives who want to catch a glimpse of Spain in a couple of days in which they are free from work.

This 2-day tour itinerary has special offers and discounts if they were booked ahead or in a special group. The tour can be customized to a particular group if there were enough participants. The itinerary can be adjusted to suit the time frame of the tourists. All meals can be catered for depending on the preferences of the tourists. Luxury or comfortable hotels can be opted for better rests.

The tour can have additional stops depending on the tourists’ time and budget. There may be changes to the standard itinerary where more leisure time is preferred at Toledo to enjoy the ancient monuments or at villa spanje to appreciate the Alhambra.


Bookings for this tour can be made 48 hours prior to departure as this is a very popular tour option with tourists. This tour accepts the electronic voucher if the booking is made through the Internet. A local operator would make contact with the tourists who make the booking to confirm the tour booking. Details about the departure point and time would be confirmed.  Hotel pickups and drop offs can be confirmed. The full cost of the booking must be made prior to the tour departure.

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Spain offers numerous opportunities and vakantiehuizen spanje you select for all popular regional vacation : Costa Blanca , Costa Maresme , the most beautiful destinations in Spain . Also read my articles at : Kris Wilson's article and do check out my bookmarks at Kris Wilson's bookmarks.

Madrid is the largest city in Spain with plenty of sightseeing options. It may take tourists weeks to fully appreciate Madrid. However, there are shorter sightseeing tours of Madrid available from the myriad of tour agencies in town. One of the more popular sightseeing tours of Madrid is the 4-Day tour that covers the cities of Seville, Cordoba and Granada which starts from Madrid.

Total package

The popular 4-day Madrid outskirt tour is a total package which covers three nights’ accommodation in Seville, Cordoba and Granada. The entrance fees of the various sightseeing spots are included in this total holiday package; there is a local guide in every sightseeing stop to explain the relevant history and offer interesting information to the tourists.  Tourists enjoy this tour because they get to travel in a comfortable air-conditioned coach with most meals provided. Meals which are not provided are usually obtained at interesting sights where a lot of food options are available.

Tourists would have a whale of their time trying out various local delicacies. There is no worry over all the needs of the tourists as most of the needful would be taken care of. Exclusions such as gratuities, snacks, hotel pickups or drop off would be notified prior to the tour. Such packages can be booked and confirmed within 48 hours as these are very popular tours. There are child rates although the package caters to a twin sharing basis.


This delightful 4-day tour out of Madrid begins with a journey to Don Quijote country which is more famously known as ‘The Man out of La Mancha’. The beautiful countryside will amaze the tourists as they reach Cordoba soon enough for lunch and a city tour which covers the famous Mosque and ancient Jewish Quarter. The journey continues to Seville for a good rest for the night at a comfortable 3-star or 4-star hotel.

The second day springs up with a refreshing morning city tour which passes by the city Cathedral, the ancient Santa Cruz Quarter and the delightful Maria Luisa Gardens. Tourists would appreciate the afternoon off to enjoy more sights and culture at leisure.

The third day moves on to Granada and  villa spanje where one can view the majestic Moorish Alhambra and well kept Generalife Gardens with breakfast and dinner provided. Most tourists are amazed to view the ancient Moorish monument in all its totality. After a restful night in Granada, tourists would head back to Madrid via Toledo where this World Heritage city offers a rich culture from the various eras of Phoenician, Moors, Jews and Christians.

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Spain offers numerous opportunities and villas lloret de mar you select for all popular regional vacation : Costa Blanca , Costa Maresme , the most beautiful destinations in Spain . Also read my articles at : Kris Wilson's article and do check out my bookmarks at Kris Wilson's bookmarks.

Sotogrande is a world-renowned resort in the south of Spain, particularly in Costa del Sol. It is situated about 20 kilometers off the coast. It is a huge resort and is in fact considered to be the biggest in the area. Aside from being a resort Sotogrande also has a residential area that boasts of the most expensive and luxurious homes in Spain. The Sotogrande is known for a lot of things but what it is most famous for are the golf courses, polo club and the marina which were conceptualized by the developer Joseph McMicking. His vision for the resort was to build a resort/residential area that is complete with world-class facilities.

McMicking bought 5 farm properties in the area in the 1960s and then he started creating the resort that he visualized. The resort was named after one of the farms that originally stood in the resort property. Once the construction of the resort was completed, guests were awed by the peaceful surroundings and the beautiful landscape of the resort. The villas and other structures inside the resort also boasted of excellent architectural designs. Sotogrande is also known for its great beaches and its commanding view of the Gibraltar just a few miles from the coast.

One of the clubs in Sotogrande is the El Octogono Beach Club which is located between the marina and the Guadiaro River. The club has many great amenities such as a swimming pool, garden, restaurant and a playground for children.While at the club, guests may also try different water sports such as water skiing, jet biking, canoeing and yacht sailing. Another club located in Sotogrande is the El Cucurucho that boasts of 4 swimming pools, outdoor gardens, beach bar and a sauna which is perfect for relaxation.

The restaurant inside the club offers local as well as international cuisine. Guests with kids will also find the club very convenient since they offer many activities particularly for children such as treasure hunts, face painting, juggling, volleyball and many other activities that kids will surely enjoy while staying at the club. Sotogrande is also known for its marina which was constructed in 1987. The marina has a capacity of more than 200 berths. Large boats that are more than 200 foot long can easily be accommodated in the Sotogrande Marina. There are lots of bars and restaurants surrounding the marina where tourists can enjoy a good meal while watching the luxury boats approaching the marina or just bobbing around in the water.

Also within the marina is a training school for sailing that offers beginner’s and advance lessons on sailing. Sotogrande is well known for its great golf courses such as the Sotogrande Old Course and the Valderrama which are both created by famous gold course designer Robert Trent Jones. The Valderrama was the site of the famous Ryder Cup in 1997 and has been the host of the Volvo Masters several times. Another gold course in Sotogrande is the Alcaidesa, located along the coast. It is the sole links-style golf course in vakantiehuizen spanje . About The Author

Spain offers numerous opportunities and vakantievilla spanje you select for all popular regional vacation : Costa Blanca , Costa Maresme, the most beautiful destinations in Spain . Also read my articles at : Kris Wilson's article and do check out my bookmarks at Kris Wilson's bookmarks.

Costa de la Luz is fondly known as the Coast of Light with its strategic location in the Andalusia with the majestic Atlantic Ocean at its side. Cadiz and Huelva provinces offer similar attractions with the fine sandy beaches and bright sunshine which gives this coast its name.

Natural Beauty

Costa de la Luz is a natural beauty that makes it so attractive to its millions of yearly visitors. Preservation of the natural surroundings has been on-going by the local authorities with the full cooperation of the locals so that mass tourism will not mar the natural beauty of the region. Hence, Costa de la Luz is a near virgin paradise with many parks and nature reserves. One of the most prominent reserves located along this coast is Doñana National Reserve which is the nation’s largest park and home to many flora and fauna species; some of which are close to extinction.

Beach beauty

Costa de la Luz offers long stretch of wide sandy beaches with clear warm waters. There are numerous sand dunes which are some of the best in the Iberian Peninsula. The bright sunshine and plentiful water sports draw many tourists here every year. The amenities and water sports facilities are commendable for the tourists to enjoy long hours and days at the beach. Tourists and locals come in droves to enjoy sailing, scuba diving, jet skiing, paragliding and surfing in the crystal clear waters.

Well planned tourist resorts can be found on the long beach stretch; there are purpose built golf course resorts, high class marinas and top class entertainment. Nightlife is vibrant with the numerous pubs, cafés and bars which open late into the night with festive local and contemporary music, songs and dancing. The cool of the night relaxes the locals and tourists to enjoy the best the coast offers with its cold beer and live entertainment.Costa de la Luz offers much natural wealth which has been fought over in the past to create its colorful history. The richness of the coast and region draws many to its shore yearly.

Other attractions

The region is famous for its cuisine as well as its natural beauty. Many tourists love the region’s fresh produce of fruits and vegetables. Cuisines that sport fresh seafood and special recipe raw ham as well as cured meat go down well with the local fine wines. One can also enjoy the neighboring resort spots around villa spanje such as Isla Canela and Isla Cristina. About The Author

Spain offers numerous opportunities and vakantiewoningen spanje you select for all popular regional vacation : Costa Blanca , Costa Maresme , the most beautiful destinations in Spain . Also read my articles at : Kris Wilson's article and do check out my bookmarks at Kris Wilson's bookmarks.

One of the main attractions of Nuevo Portil is its wonderfully delightful beach; however, the beach is not confined to Nuevo Portil alone but also serves El Rompido which is the Cartaya community. Nuevo Portil is situated close to El Portil which boasts of another beach that is part of Punta Umbria. It is difficult for one to distinguish the beaches as they stretch from one to another.

Beach attraction

Huelva beaches are renowned to be paradises; hence, it is not surprising to have Nuevo Portil beaches crowded with holiday makers all year round. Its large sand banks are a favorite spot for children and adults to enjoy their day out in the sun with the warm waters at their feet. Pines and fresh junipers bloom at the foothills giving an amazing panorama of the Atlantic Ocean.Nuevo Portil is an unadulterated beach although some hotel resorts have been built to cater to the growing tourism.

The local authorities have excelled in maintaining the natural beauty of the beaches at Nuevo Portil. The ambience at Nuevo Portil is peaceful and inviting enough to allow tourists to relax and unwind at their sun-filled holiday.There are many sports options which the locals and tourists can choose to enjoy. There are challenging golf courses; an 18-hole and 36-hole course.

Other attractions

Besides the beaches, environmentalists would enjoy the wide natural reserves in nearby El Rompido by boat. This is a natural formation 12 kilometers in the sea from sediments over 200 years with a growth of 40 meters annually. This haven is ideal for many of the protected species of flora and fauna in the region. Many tourists are astounded with this unique formation and would make an effort to visit this spot when possible. Another interesting spot near Nuevo Portil is the nudist beach. This is a popular spot for the naturalists; this beach is only a couple of kilometers from the town of La Antilla. This beach is known as Nueva Umbria beach by the locals.

Ancient monuments

Although Nuevo Portil is more renowned for its unspoiled beaches, there are many historical monuments which might be of interest to many tourists such as vakantiewoning spanje the San Miguel Castillo which is a Moorish castle. There are many pieces of archaeological remains which are deemed to be of the Bronze Age. These are rare claims which not many places can boast. Hence, many tourists would not hesitate to get a first hand look on ancient history through these ancient pieces.

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Spain offers numerous opportunities and spanje vakantiehuizen you select for all popular regional vacation : Costa Blanca , Costa Maresme , the most beautiful destinations in Spain . Also read my articles at : Kris Wilson's article and do check out my bookmarks at Kris Wilson's bookmarks.

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