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Costa de la Luz is fondly known as the Coast of Light with its strategic location in the Andalusia with the majestic Atlantic Ocean at its side. Cadiz and Huelva provinces offer similar attractions with the fine sandy beaches and bright sunshine which gives this coast its name.

Natural Beauty

Costa de la Luz is a natural beauty that makes it so attractive to its millions of yearly visitors. Preservation of the natural surroundings has been on-going by the local authorities with the full cooperation of the locals so that mass tourism will not mar the natural beauty of the region. Hence, Costa de la Luz is a near virgin paradise with many parks and nature reserves. One of the most prominent reserves located along this coast is Doñana National Reserve which is the nation’s largest park and home to many flora and fauna species; some of which are close to extinction.

Beach beauty

Costa de la Luz offers long stretch of wide sandy beaches with clear warm waters. There are numerous sand dunes which are some of the best in the Iberian Peninsula. The bright sunshine and plentiful water sports draw many tourists here every year. The amenities and water sports facilities are commendable for the tourists to enjoy long hours and days at the beach. Tourists and locals come in droves to enjoy sailing, scuba diving, jet skiing, paragliding and surfing in the crystal clear waters.

Well planned tourist resorts can be found on the long beach stretch; there are purpose built golf course resorts, high class marinas and top class entertainment. Nightlife is vibrant with the numerous pubs, cafés and bars which open late into the night with festive local and contemporary music, songs and dancing. The cool of the night relaxes the locals and tourists to enjoy the best the coast offers with its cold beer and live entertainment.Costa de la Luz offers much natural wealth which has been fought over in the past to create its colorful history. The richness of the coast and region draws many to its shore yearly.

Other attractions

The region is famous for its cuisine as well as its natural beauty. Many tourists love the region’s fresh produce of fruits and vegetables. Cuisines that sport fresh seafood and special recipe raw ham as well as cured meat go down well with the local fine wines. One can also enjoy the neighboring resort spots around villa spanje such as Isla Canela and Isla Cristina. About The Author

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