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One of the main attractions of Nuevo Portil is its wonderfully delightful beach; however, the beach is not confined to Nuevo Portil alone but also serves El Rompido which is the Cartaya community. Nuevo Portil is situated close to El Portil which boasts of another beach that is part of Punta Umbria. It is difficult for one to distinguish the beaches as they stretch from one to another.

Beach attraction

Huelva beaches are renowned to be paradises; hence, it is not surprising to have Nuevo Portil beaches crowded with holiday makers all year round. Its large sand banks are a favorite spot for children and adults to enjoy their day out in the sun with the warm waters at their feet. Pines and fresh junipers bloom at the foothills giving an amazing panorama of the Atlantic Ocean.Nuevo Portil is an unadulterated beach although some hotel resorts have been built to cater to the growing tourism.

The local authorities have excelled in maintaining the natural beauty of the beaches at Nuevo Portil. The ambience at Nuevo Portil is peaceful and inviting enough to allow tourists to relax and unwind at their sun-filled holiday.There are many sports options which the locals and tourists can choose to enjoy. There are challenging golf courses; an 18-hole and 36-hole course.

Other attractions

Besides the beaches, environmentalists would enjoy the wide natural reserves in nearby El Rompido by boat. This is a natural formation 12 kilometers in the sea from sediments over 200 years with a growth of 40 meters annually. This haven is ideal for many of the protected species of flora and fauna in the region. Many tourists are astounded with this unique formation and would make an effort to visit this spot when possible. Another interesting spot near Nuevo Portil is the nudist beach. This is a popular spot for the naturalists; this beach is only a couple of kilometers from the town of La Antilla. This beach is known as Nueva Umbria beach by the locals.

Ancient monuments

Although Nuevo Portil is more renowned for its unspoiled beaches, there are many historical monuments which might be of interest to many tourists such as vakantiewoning spanje the San Miguel Castillo which is a Moorish castle. There are many pieces of archaeological remains which are deemed to be of the Bronze Age. These are rare claims which not many places can boast. Hence, many tourists would not hesitate to get a first hand look on ancient history through these ancient pieces.

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